del zottoMichael Del Zotto, Philadelphia Flyers, NHL

“Joga with Jana was nothing but beneficial for me. Jana was very easy to work with and understood my body’s strengths and weaknesses from day 1. My flexibility, breathing techniques and core strength improved drastically over the length of the off season. The breathing skills I learned from Jana I now use on a daily basis.”



Adam Jones, Baltimore Orioles, MLB

“ The Joga workout Jana took me through had my body more prepared for an 9 inning game than ever before – Jana’s methods are designed to have the body last and maintain it’s strength. The endurance factor in the Joga workouts have created a new life in my body through a rigorous season.” 


Jamal Mayers

Jamal Mayers, Retired 15 year NHL Veteran, Stanley Cup Champion with the Chicago Blackhawks

“Joga was surprisingly more difficult than I anticipated. Not only is it a tool to gain better flexibility but the protocols improved my strength and proprioception.”


Bradley OrrBradley Orr, Toronto FC, MLS

“I’d like to start by thanking Jana Webb and her Joga program for the help she gave me during a tough period in my career. I was struggling with a number of nagging injuries and sought help in the form of Joga.

The benefits of Joga are different and more productive than anything I’ve ever come across. It focuses on the strengthening of the smaller muscle groups within the body, which in turn takes care of the larger muscles, a technique which I would recommend to any footballer whether it be a young player looking to get strong and prevent injury or a senior player looking to prolong his playing career… I fell into the latter category.

I really appreciate the time and effort Jana put in with me and as I move forward in my career and have aspiring dreams of being a football manager some time in the future the biggest compliment I can pay to the Joga program is that when I do become a manager, one of my first port of calls will be to incorporate Joga within my training schedule.”

Matt Nichol

Matt Nichol, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Creator of BioSteel Sports Supplements

“Yoga can be an integral part of the off-season training of any athlete. It is important, however, to find an instructor who understands the demands of your sport and the strength and conditioning program. Jana and the Joga staff have a done a great job of tailoring a program to meet the needs of my athletes and are willing and able to customize their sessions based on my feedback.” 

brendan brazier

Brendan Brazier, Formulator of Vega’s nutritional products, Former Professional Ironman Triathlete

“Joga is a completely unique movement system that can be integrated into any training program. The program is designed very specifically to attain a very specific result. The micro-movements strengthen the smaller muscle groups and core, while teaching the practitioner body mechanics and kinetic movement.” 

Mike Zigomanis

Mike Zigomanis, Retired 13 year Pro Hockey Player, Stanley Cup Champion with the Pittsburgh Penguins

“Joga is different than basic yoga classes because it emphasizes on building strength while increasing range, rather than leaving you with over stretched weak muscles. Incorporating Joga into my training routine has increased my strength and flexibility. This has allowed me to compete at a high level injury free.”

josh binstock

Dr. Josh Binstock, 2012 Canadian Olympian, Beach Volleyball

“As a professional athlete and Chiropractor, I am a significant supporter and advocate of Joga. Joga helped me increase my flexibility while simultaneously increasing my core strength, body positioning awareness and proprioception. It was an important part my training, which helped me qualify for the 2012 London Olympic Games.”


martin readerMartin Reader, 2012 Canadian Olympian, Beach Volleyball

“It was a year and a half ago when I met Jana. I had just come off a serious back injury which prevented me from finishing my season. The 2012 Olympic qualification was 6 months away when Jana and I connected. She was interested in helping me achieve my Olympic goal so we began working with each other and I immediately began to experience the positive changes. Over the span of three months I completely resolved my L4 and L5 spinal herniation’s which allowed me to start playing with 100% confidence. Jana created a perfect balance of sport specific training and thus injury prevention along with regenerative stretching that brought me back to 100%. I can confidently say that Jana’s Joga program allowed me to recover, compete and qualify for the 2012 Olympics Games in London. Her athletic and carefully thought out program was my saving grace and without her leadership and guidance the 2012 Olympics wouldn’t have been a possibility. Thanks Jana for helping me achieve my life goal after what I believed to be a career ending injury. You are the best!”

Jason-PottingerJay Pottinger, Ottawa RedBlacks, CFL

“After first experiencing Joga in the fall of 2010, it has since become an integral component of my training regime. Joga is unique from other Yoga’s as it is designed specifically for high level athletes. Following my first full off-season with Joga as a part of my training, I had the best training camp of my life. I have never felt more powerful and agile on the football field, and I can truthfully credit that to Joga. Whether you just enjoy staying in peak shape, or you’re training for professional sport, Joga should be a part of your weekly routine.”

henry burrisHenry Burris, Ottawa RedBlacks, CFL

“Working with Jana has made me a much better, smarter and well prepared athlete!  I now understand the full capabilities of my body when being put through the right training regiment!  I always thought that lifting weights and right conditioning were all I needed to stay injury free and best prepared for playing football.  Man was I ever wrong!!  Practicing yoga is excellent for working the core and for coping with the physical and mental challenges of football.  It helps me maintain a certain breathing pattern that when under stress, I can use to push myself further and stay focused.”

devan dubnykDevan Dubnyk, Arizona Coyotes, NHL

“When I started working with Jana this summer, I noticed an immediate improvement on the way I felt physically. She paid close attention to the way my body was built and my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to work on and improve strength and mobility that would immediately help me as an athlete. The work was very specific and tailored to my position. I’m very confident that it helped me on the ice when the season started. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future.”

SeanHopeRoss4000Sean Hope-Ross, Director of Strength and Conditioning, National Sports Development

“Over my 19 years in the fitness and strength and conditioning industries I have met and worked with many yoga instructors.  What puts Jana in a class above the others is that she understands the needs of the athlete.  Jana designs her sessions so they are specific for my individual clients, while taking into consideration their full personalized training plans.  I trust Jana with my clients because I’ve seen the results!”

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