LeeAnne Ketchen-Gullet
Brandon, Manitoba

“I truly believe in Joga and the impact it can make on athletes as individuals and how it creates a cohesive group/team bond. Joga is a well-structured system that is incredibly important and beneficial in athlete’s lives/careers for injury prevention, increased performance and overall mental/physical well-being. As an Athletic Trainer I feel there are many injuries that can be prevented and this is one program I wish I had years ago to implement in teams I have worked with. As I went through the Joga Training Program all I could think was how I can relate and apply each movement to sport specific movements and the physical benefits for each. I just recently received my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science, and I can really appreciate the physiological effects that Joga has on the body that helps athletes immensely. Jana’s way of implementing and balancing strength, biomechanics, anatomy, physiology all in one program is extraordinary. Joga is one program I would promote to everyone under the sports medicine umbrella.” 

bobbiBobbi Schram BScPT
Physiotherapist – Dynamic Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic
Brandon, Manitoba

Bobbi has been a practicing physiotherapist since 2009, and is currently a partner at Dynamic Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic.  She obtained her NSCA – CSCS designation in 2004, and founded Outperforme Athletics.  Outperforme is a strength and conditioning company that is dedicated to helping local athletes achieve success.  Our clients include young local athletes just starting their athletic careers; local fitness enthusiasts; triathaletes and marathoners; athletes competing at the CIS level, provincial level athletes, professional athletes (NHL, AHL, Professional European Hockey) and Outperforme has been represented internationally at the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014 in Canadian Pairs Figure Skating and Women’s Curling.  Since we care so much about every one of our clients, we only introduce the highest level of quality into their training programs.

Biomechanical efficiency is a cornerstone of both Dynamic and Outperforme.  When Bobbi was introduced to Joga, she realized that optimal movement patterns were also foundational to Joga and the Joga program was well aligned with current research trends in human movement and performance.  There was no doubt that Joga would become an essential component to Outperforme’s training programs, and could be implemented as a component of her physiotherapy practice.  Joga’s emphasis on mobility while protecting the joints; stability with proper alignment; and integrating core/breathing into movement patterns make it an ideal program for active individuals and athletes.  Bobbi has seen many significant changes in her own body as she has been practicing Joga.  Regular Joga practice has allowed her to set and achieve mobility goals as she consistently  moves closer toward Joga benchmark postures.

Rachelle Wintzen headshot

Rachelle Wintzen
Certified RYT, Certified Clinical Iridologist
Toronto, Ontario

 “Joga Teacher Training has been an incredible learning experience. In combination with my yoga training it has taken my teacher, education and ability to work with various bodies and injuries to the next level. Joga Teacher Training is a valuable experience and a wealth of knowledge that no other teacher training I have done has come close to. I highly recommend to anyone considering it not only to deepen your skills as a teacher but to for your development of your own body awareness and strength. Joga program has strengthened my body and shaped me in ways that no other program has done.

I strongly feel Joga has created many opportunities for my career that would otherwise have been overlooked. It has opened the door for me to advance into teaching professional athletes and high profile clientele. It has also created many teaching opportunities at various studios, gyms and events. I have been teaching at various locations throughout the city to those looking to get into shape as well as to OHL players and the Toronto Argonauts.”

Giulia De Leo

Giulia De Leo
Bachelor of Kinesiology
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Winnipeg, Manitoba 

“I could not be happier in my decision to take the Joga Teacher Training. As a personal trainer since 2008 I always knew I wanted to obtain a yoga certification. When I heard about Joga I knew this was the perfect training to enhance my personal practice, as well as my clients. I now feel more balanced and rounded as a trainer being able to offer private, small group and team Joga Sessions. Instead of asking my clients to take a yoga class on their own, I have now been able to incorporate Joga into their training programs. The results have been amazing, allowing my clients to find more balance and range of motion in their bodies, efficiently breathing for our other training sessions and more body awareness for injury prevention. I have taught Joga to a wide range of clients such as: lifestyle clients, hockey (NHL, AHL, WHL, Junior A, AAA, etc.), football, baseball, soccer, cheerleading, ballet, martial arts, highland dancing, cross country skiing, and track and field. I look forward to continuing my training as Joga instructor to help pass along the practice and all the benefits that go with it!”
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