Joga with Jana & Toronto Argonaut Jason Pottinger on CP24

Joga On CP24 - Toronto Argonauts Jason Pottinger - Jana Webb

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Joga On CP24 | Yoga for Jocks With Jason Pottinger From Toronto Argonauts

Joga On CP24 - Yoga For Jock With Jason Pottinger - Toronto Argonauts

Joga – Yoga for Jocks – http://www.cp24.com
On Sunday February 27, 2011 thousands of Canadians will be bending and stretching in Darren Kwik 2011, Canada’s largest yoga challenge in support of arthritis and autoimmune research…
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The Argos tackle yoga




The CFL football players are stretched out like frogs mid-swim: hands on their yoga mats, knees pressed to the floor, legs spread out behind them. This stretch is good for the groin, says instructor Jana Webb, who teaches “joga.”
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Yoga For The Burly




Published: Thursday, June 03, 2010

Yoga isn’t usually associated with burly football players, but several of the Calgary Stampeders have taken up the ancient mind-body practice with instructor Jana Webb.

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Yoga Basics with Jana Webb




While most people think that “beauty” blankets only the surface items, like makeup, hair, or skin care, it’s actually more holistic than that.  Beauty encompasses all facets of self-care, including regular physical fitness.
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