Joga Teacher Training Application Program – Level 1 Certification


Welcome!  I’m Jana Webb, founder and creator of Joga.  In the past ten years of practicing and teaching yoga what I have learned the most, is that our bodies are changing on a daily basis and unless we continue to challenge and teach ourselves new things, the body and the mind become stagnant and un-evolved.

Joga is an athletic based style of yoga that focuses on a unique blend of postures to find balance in strength and flexibility, a variety of breathing techniques to improve breath control/recovery and relaxation tools to maintain a calm mind in sport and in life.  The sessions will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and re-energized as well as provide you with all the other physiological and psychological benefits of yoga.  Although I specialize in one-on-one instruction and with high performance athletes and teams, I love working with people from all backgrounds and beginnings.